My Name is Salam Jones. Well actually my real name is Abdul Salam, a name given to me by my Bangladeshi Muslim parents. I’d like to think that if they were both here, they would understand that the name Jones was adopted merely as a way to tie together the various aspects of my work, and be happy with the things I am doing under that name

I was born in Sylhet, Bangladesh just before the war of independence in November 1970. Besides a few vivid memories of running around half naked in the village where I grew up until the age of 5, I don’t really have many recollections of my homeland, the country of my birth.

After 45 years of living and growing in the United Kingdom, as well as having spent 7 of those years living in the city of Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands, it would be fair to say that I am very different to the peers and family members that I left behind in the villages of Sylhet District so many years before.

This website has been put together to highlight the various passions I have in my life, and wish to share. Photography, Writing, Travel, Carpentry, Cooking, Bangladesh, and yes even Selvedge Denim.

There is also a shopping section with various products on sale. Please note that a certain % of all profits generated by the sales of products on my site will be donated to a number of charitable organisations in Bangladesh. This is the Salam Jones way.

Thank you again for visiting my site. Your support means a lot.

please do recommend this site to any friends and family you think will appreciate.

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